Aerospace and Defense Development Support


Lockheed Martin serves governments to provide transportation management solutions for air, marine, and land traffic in the United States, Europe, and Asia. To assure safe and efficient transport of people and commerce, Lockheed Martin executes a number of sophisticated and complex government programs. These programs require support from a number of partners and significant capable resources to execute.


Lockheed Martin selected EXB to support staffing on a number of programs critical to the U.S. National Air Space (NAS), including:

  • CARTS (Common Automated Radar Terminal System) is an air traffic control computer system that air traffic controllers use to track aircrafts. The computer 
system automates the air traffic controller’s job by correlating radar and human inputs. This system is used in most of the TRACONs (Terminal Radar Approach Controls) in the NAS.
  • MEARTS (Microprocessor En Route Automated Radar Tracking System) combines both en route and terminal air traffic control functions. It provides single-sensor and multiple-sensor mosaic derived situation displays of air traffic data received from FAA and Defense Department long-range and short-range radars. MEARTS is installed in ten FAA and Defense Department locations.
  • ERAM (En Route Automation Modernization) is an FAA Air Traffic Control system designed to provide faster processing of route requests and in-flight 
route changes. ERAM system architecture replaces the En Route Host computer system and its backup. New capabilities to improve information security and streamline traffic flow at international borders support the evolution of the National Airspace System (NAS). ERAM processes flight radar data, generates display data to air traffic controllers, provides communication support, and detects and alerts air traffic controllers when aircraft are flying together for safety and long-term planning.

EXB is a preferred staffing supplier to Lockheed Martin, providing skilled critical resources at required locations. EXB resources continuously demonstrate their ability to resolve the needs of the infrastructure support and development programs. EXB is  Service-Disabled Veteran-Owner Small Business (SDVOSB) certified and regularly demonstrates access to experienced systems and software talent.