Aerospace & Defense

Our engineers have worked on hundreds of safety and mission-critical programs, helping our clients launch the safest products to market.
Building teams of unique software engineers to collaborate on aerospace and defense projects has been our forte for the last 20+ years.

Our software and engineering solutions have a proven track record of helping Fortune 100 firms in the aerospace, defense, and medical technology markets build better technology.  

EXB Solutions focuses on making the safest products for highly regulated industries

EXB Solutions focuses on making the safest products for highly regulated industries by providing dynamic solutions to critical software challenges. We provide support for all phases of the software development life cycle — from development to verification and validation. Over the last decade, EXB has played a significant role in the technological advancement of our country’s renowned Space program. As a subcontractor, EXB Solutions participated on NASA’s Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) program, Core Flight Software (CFS) and Main Engine Control Software for NASA’s Orion space capsule and proved out a test automation alternative for NASA Goddard. Our engineers have worked on driving innovations to power next-generation technologies like satellite communications, human space vehicle control and military navigation systems. Learn more about our work here.

Plane On Autopilot
In Aerospace we are active in both defense and commercial markets.

From flight systems engineering, flight control computer software and flight management, guidance and controls, EXB offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all your aerospace needs. We are a non-traditional defense contractor offering proven expertise in avionics, military navigation systems and inertial reference systems. Combined with our growing expertise in Medical Technology and rich experiences in government-led defense projects, we are proactively and constantly meeting new market demands. Such as model based test and development and agile software principles. In addition to agile delivery, we offer client education around Agile scrum coaching, specifically how to plan and execute Agile within highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical devices. Having worked in multiple industries across many clients, we know how to apply agile successfully within required legacy processes and complex company environments.

We accelerate our clients' engineering development

We accelerate our clients’ engineering development and/or test schedules by providing well-trained, experienced and qualified staff for your team to direct. EXB Solutions’ deep aerospace history situates us uniquely to transition DO-178B and DO-278 qualified personnel to the required areas. Our engineers have worked on several safety critical programs with Honeywell, Peraton, NASA, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Collins Aerospace, Raytheon, Bell and others in launching the safest products to market.  

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  • Defense and Commercial Sectors
  • Avionics/Flight Systems
  • Flight Control Sensors
  • Aircraft Software Certification
  • MEMS Devices Software Development
  • Flight Control Systems (FCS)/Core Flight Software (CFS)
  • Mission Computers
  • Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • Integrated Navigation & Guidance Systems
  • Control Display Subsystems (CDS)
  • Communication, Navigation, Identification subsystems (CNI)
  • Digital Autopilot/Flight Director subsystem (DA/FD)
  • Integrated Diagnostics Subsystem (IDS)
  • Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS)
  • Integrated GPS & Inertial Reference Systems
  • Advanced Air Data Inertial Reference Systems
  • Weather Radar Systems
  • Laser Gyros
  • Test automation 
  • Satellite Communications
  • Human Space Vehicle Control
  • Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS)
  • D0-178 B/C 
  • D0-278
  • IEEE 12207
  • FACE 3.1
  • EXB Solutions is ISO 9001 certified by NSF-ISR
  • ITAR compliant
  • Certified AS9100:2016