Other Transaction Authority (OTA)

Innovation Tailored to Customer Solutions

As a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor (NTDC), EXB Solutions can support your OTA innovation and prototyping work through close collaboration to provide exceptional content for your solutions.

With $7B+ across the US government in OTA contracts in FY 2019 alone, EXB Solutions has moved heavily into this space with OEMs and large companies with our May 2020 hire of our Vice President of Business Development, Chris Hardgrave. Chris is a retired USAF fighter pilot with extensive OTA experience at a major OEM prior to his arrival at EXB Solutions helping secure nearly $40M+ in prototyping OTA funding in 2018 alone.

If you aren’t familiar with how OTA’s can move the “business needle”, they allow US government organizations like the DOD to build prototypes outside of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, give small business and non-traditional contractors a chance to bring forward unconventional design and innovate business models that result in higher speed, flexibility and accessibility of certain goods and/or services.

Our EXB Innovation Lab is extremely unique in its ability to assist an OEM or large company respond to an OTA Consortium Request for Prototype Proposal (RPP).  Our Innovation Lab can assist with technical development and white paper response as a truly unique value proposition.  We know how difficult it can be to pull an experienced engineer to respond to short-suspense responses like an OTA white paper.  We can work with your technical team to assist in writing the RPP as your NTDC.

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How to use EXB for your OTA work

As a member of 8 OTA consortiums, we’ve assisted OEMs and large companies on everything from putting Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) 3.0 open system architecture into a Resilient Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) to assisting with proposals on preventing “brown outs” on UH-60s by integrating Government Furnished Equipment to develop embedded software applications to integrate sensors into a Helmet Mounted Site. This work on numerous projects in the Space and Aviation environments solidifies our positions as your next NTDC to help with your OTA solution.

Let EXB Solutions provide innovative content on time and on budget as a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor (NTDC) in OTA collaborations with OEMs and other large companies. OTA contracts through consortiums permit Research and Development (R&D) prototyping through Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) generally outside the Federal Acquisition Regulations at up to an astonishing $500M! 

Why use EXB Solutions for your OTA work?
  • EXB Solutions is fully qualified as a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor (NTDC) 
  • Avoid 33% cost share by using EXB Solutions as your NTDC to save valuable IRAD in an increasingly competitive market
  • With 22+ years of highly rigorous software development in sensors, navigation, guidance and flight controls, we bring very unique expertise to your prototype development efforts. Click here to know more about our work
  • Our Innovation Lab can work to develop your technical solution and assist in writing the technical proposal for the required white paper saving you time and effort
  • Agility of EXB Solutions can provide valuable content and move quickly to solve pressing issues for your OTA solutions to the USG
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Our list of OTA Consortium Membership
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EXB Solutions

EXB Solutions (EXB) is a U.S.-based engineering service company with a Fortune 100 customer base and demonstrated record of delivering cutting edge results in systems and software engineering solutions for organizations delivering mission and safety critical applications and products. EXB’s organizational origins are over 23 years old and today comprises 170 talented engineers. EXB serves the Aerospace, Defense and Medical Devices industries with systems engineering and embedded software development services for safety and mission critical applications. EXB’s purpose is to help customers build high-quality software. EXB’s software solutions have helped fly successful space missions, enhanced patients’ lives through innovative medical devices, and advanced commercial and military flight systems for safer travel and accomplishing mission objectives.

EXB Solutions understands our client’s business challenges. Which is why we go beyond what’s required to meet their software needs. We are a preferred and trusted supplier to technology companies. Our clients stay with us and consistently engage us on multiple engineering activities, projects and programs. What makes us different? Our engineers and our leaders!

As of September 1, 2022, EXB Solutions is proudly a Quest Global company, as part of its Quest Defense subsidiary.

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