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EXB Featured on KSTP

EXB was recently featured on KSTP in Minnesota. The focus of the KSTP piece is the successful Orion launch which EXB developed the computer code for. Inside a small, barely-marked suite in Minnetonka lies EXB Solutions. It’s a software engineering company that developed one of the most important factors in the success of Orion’s flawless flight: the computer code used to launch and control the spacecraft. “Maybe it’s as simple as turning a light on and turning that light green. We make sure that the code that’s in the software does exactly that,” explained EXB Solutions CEO Chris Schwartzbauer. “It
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EXB Solutions Gets CIO Review Honor

20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers The pulse of the defense industry has quickened over the years with the advent of several cutting-edge technologies. Change,volatility, and uncertainty are perennial challenges to the defense strategist and are likely to increase in the coming years. Formulating strategy in these conditions will test planners in the public and private sectors alike. The past 20 years saw dramatic changes in the defense industry, even as some features endured, and the beginnings of an equally dramatic shift in economic power. It’s a new era of national security. With this new era comes new opportunities
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Minnesota company plays vital role in NASA’s Orion launch

EXB Solutions provides software and testing services for NASA MINNEAPOLIS – Minnetonka-based EXB Solutions played an essential role in today’s Orion test flight: the software engineering company supplied a combination of software development and mission critical testing services for NASA’s Orion spacecraft. “We are very excited and proud of our efforts supporting NASA’s Orion project,” says Chris Schwartzbauer, CEO of EXB Solutions. “Our talented software engineers develop and test systems that simply must operate precisely and, once again, they have risen to the extreme challenges posed to them.” The company’s 25 years of work in the aerospace field and proven
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