Space Network

Space Network Case Study

The customer was looking for a partner:

    1. To provide comprehensive support in development, integration, testing, and operational assistance for the implementation of a modern ground segment that enables the client’s Space Network (SN) including the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRSs).
    2. Work was for Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) and Space Exploration Network Services and Evolution (SENSE) program.
    3. Noteworthy: Program transitioned contractors after five years, but we retained our position as the primary subcontractor, showcasing enduring commitment and expertise.
Client:Industry Pioneer in Space
Challenge:Provide variable skills in Systems and Software Engineering
Skills:Configuration management, Bug tracking, Test management, Networking and Security

EXB delivered:

  • Contributed to the complete life cycle, encompassing system requirements, system design, implementation, software development, and the development and execution of test procedures.
  • Installed all ground terminal equipment, including hardware and software, covering networking devices to application server environments. Additionally, conducted testing and offered support/training to operators.
  • Executed software development and delivery within an iterative release cycle, guided by EXB project managers and employing Agile methodologies.
  • Much of the work was performed on site at client facility and required secret level clearances for full team.

  • Systems integration
  • Systems and Low Level Test
  • Test automation
  • Configuration management
  • Linux and Windows Sys Administration
  • Network and Security Engineering
  • Hardware installation and implementation
  • Application Development
  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL
EXB Value Provided

  • Deployed a team of 50+ engineers to the program, maintaining support for approximately 9 years.
  • Successfully scaled up the team to over 30 engineers within a remarkable 5-month timeframe, bringing immediate expertise and becoming the program’s largest single supplier, displacing several incumbents.
  • Contract sustainment objectives met IAW contract requirements.
  • Received exceptional feedback on service quality from both clients throughout the project duration.
  • Adapted engineering positions in support of a phased approach, addressing both current and proposed sustainment requests.
  • Responsively provided a diverse range of engineers for over 11 Task Orders, with operations and testing extending into 2024.
  • Ongoing sustainment and integration of the projects continue.

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