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EXB (Experience-Based Solutions) has 23+ years of market experience and a blue-chip client base.
EXB Solutions, Inc. (Experience-Based Solutions) is a U.S.-based engineering service company with a Fortune 100 customer base and demonstrated record of delivering cutting edge results in systems and software engineering solutions for organizations delivering mission and safety critical applications and products.

Founded in 2000, EXB Solutions’ (EXB) organizational origins are over 23 years old and today comprises 170 talented engineers. EXB serves the Aerospace, Defense and Medical Devices industries with systems engineering and embedded software development services for safety and mission critical applications. EXB’s purpose is to help customers build high-quality software. EXB’s software solutions have helped fly successful space missions, enhanced patients’ lives through innovative medical devices, and advanced commercial and military flight systems for safer travel and accomplishing mission objectives.

EXB Solutions understands our client’s business challenges. Which is why we go beyond what’s required to meet their software needs. We are a preferred and trusted supplier to technology companies. Our clients stay with us and consistently engage us on multiple engineering activities, projects and programs. What makes us different? Our engineers and our leaders!

As of September 1, 2022, EXB Solutions is proudly a Quest Global company, as part of its Quest Defense subsidiary.

EXB Solutions is now part of Quest Global

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Diversity of Engineering Team

Our team is comprised of over 170 professional engineers that span the spectrum of experience and expertise. Our engineers vary from having over 35 years in the industry to being right out of graduate school and have worked on everything from space-based communications systems to secret level application development on the most sophisticated airplanes. Having worked on a wide array of projects and programs, they bring on board knowledge and experience that is rare.

Leadership with strong product development background

While we are focused on providing the highest-level software engineering services, our leadership team has decades of experience in building and delivering commercial off the shelve software (COTS). This combination of service and product expertise gives EXB a unique position in the marketplace to help our clients build and deliver high quality software products on-time and on budget.

Here at EXB Solutions, we bring to the table a good mix of experience-based solutions, program management and technical leadership. And while the performance matters, the experiences and the customer journey along the way is what drives us. Our passionate and committed engineers guarantee interests that align with those of our clients and foster a collaborative culture, focused on delivering tailored engineering solutions. At the same time, our proven performance demonstrates our broad technical capabilities to our clients resulting in long-standing relationships.

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We provide full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Services.