Critical Aerospace Systems


Honeywell is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aircraft avionics and aerospace infrastructure components. They provide numerous safety-critical systems for navigation and guidance systems and sensors, aircraft controllers, and aircraft landing infrastructure.

These Honeywell systems and sensors require DO-178B/C Level A software development and verification. In addition to the initial process, retesting due to software changes is extremely time consuming and expensive.


Honeywell has identified EXB as a preferred supplier and selects EXB to support system requirements review and system verification for numerous safety-critical products. A few of the major projects that EXB has successfully completed with Honeywell include:

  • Boeing 787 Flight Control System Testing
  • Airbus A380 Air Data/Inertial Reference Development and Test
  • NASA Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller System Audit
  • FAA/ICAO Approved Ground Based Aircraft Landing System Development Testing
  • GG1320AN2x Laser Gyro Software Verification

EXB applies our verification methodology in concert with Honeywell’s FAA certification processes to safety-critical software development projects. In many applications, we use our TestCompass® toolset to automate the process, reducing the schedule impact of requirement changes and reducing certification costs.

EXB demonstrated the capability of the TestCompass® toolset by completing low-level testing in half the time documented in Honeywell’s plan. In the same evaluation, quality increased through the execution of 1.1 million test points and weekly-automated regression testing. EXB advanced from 20% to 5% technical oversight for percentage DO-178B Level A project work. EXB’s 5% oversight represents the lowest for a Honeywell supplier on a software verification project.