Dave Surrett

Program Manager

Dave Surrett joined EXB Solutions, Inc. as a Program Manager in March 2018. Dave provides program management for aerospace customers such as General Dynamics and Rockwell Collins.

He has 13 years of experience in the commercial aerospace industry. His work has included both engineering and leadership roles for companies such as Rockwell Collins, Pratt & Whitney, BAE Systems, Honeywell, GE Aviation and L-3 Communications.

As an engineer Dave has worked on most commercial aerospace systems including flight control computers, engine controllers, displays, flight management systems, weather radar, platform/operating system design and more. His experience also includes real time test equipment architecture, design, and implementation for multiple closed loop control systems.

As a leader Dave has been a mentor to junior engineers, leading teams from 5 to 50 engineers both as a technical lead and as a program manager.

Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Computational Math from Arizona State University.