Helping Aerospace Companies achieve DO-178C compliance

DO-178C – Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification is a standard used in the aerospace and military/defense industries to promote reliable implementation of safety critical software. DO-178C is the primary document by which certification authorities like the FAA, EASA and Transport Canada approve all commercial software-based aerospace systems.

Over the last couple of years, makers of Military/Defense Aircrafts are seeing increased demand from their customers to build DO-178C compliant products. DO-178C compliance is highly rigorous and achieving certification is always challenging. Understanding these complex restrictions and guidelines are necessary to obtain FAA certification.  

Our services are enabling our customers to leverage model-based development, testing and verification to meet certification requirements. EXB Solutions offers a comprehensive review of existing standards, consulting, expertise and engineering services to help you achieve solutions for DO-178C compliance.  

DO-178C Compliance Services

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As a member of the RTCA, our engineers have the expertise on the understanding of new standards, necessities and applicability contained in DO-178C. We offer various consulting services including EXB Gap Analysis, Evaluation of Tools and DO-178C Software Engineering Planning Processes. 

1) EXB Gap Analysis can cover:

    • DO-178C (DAL A-E)
    • D0-254 (Complex Electronic Hardware)
  • Evaluate and audit client’s processes, procedures and checklist to ensure compliance with FAA regulations
  • Final report with action items and recommended resolutions

2) Evaluation of tools for Model-Based Design

3) The DO-178C software planning process is comprised of five significant areas:

  • PSAC: Plan for Software Aspects of Certification
  • SDP: Software Development Plan
  • SVP: Software Verification Plan
  • SQAP: Software Quality Assurance Plan
  • SCMP: Software Configuration Management Plan

EXB’s team of engineers experienced with DO-178C best practices will help you design and implement this software planning process to achieve compliance throughout your software development lifecycle. 

Engineering Services

At EXB, you’ll find tailor-made business solutions and delivery models that integrate into your existing work plans effortlessly. We offer multiple engagement models to help accelerate the delivery of your projects. EXB offers everything from a single, subject matter expert, to fully outsourced software teams.

  • Full SDLC Services (System Design, Software Design, Development, Verification, and Execution)
  • Execution of Model-Based  Development and Verification
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • On-Site and Off-Site Services
  • Firm-Fixed, Time & Materials, and Cost-Plus pricing models
  • Complete Turnkey software engineering teams 
  • Technical Leadership and Program Management
  • Cleared and Non-Cleared engineers
EXB Solutions
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