EXB Solutions One of Four Local Bemidji Companies Listed Among Fastest-Growing In the U.S.

EXB Solutions is proud to be one of four Bemidji companies listed among America’s fastest growing businesses

EXB Solutions, a company with offices in Bemidji and Hopkins, Minn., was ranked No. 2,458 by Inc. and is one of the latest to take advantage of the Mayflower Building, according to President and CEO Chris Schwartzbauer.

“We recently leased new space at the Mayflower Building, which has been really exciting for us,” Schwartzbauer said. “We’ve worked with Greater Bemidji and they’ve been a good organization to work with.”

For Schwartzbauer, the ranking is a great opportunity, and recognition, for the engineering services company that works in the medical, aerospace and defense marketplaces.

“I think the value will be the recognition of the work we’ve been doing for many years. So far, it’s been under the radar and this is a chance to get some recognition back to the employees,” Schwartzbauer said. “We strive to get better every year, too. We now have a benchmark for us to improve upon. While we made the list, we want to continue to improve.”

Schwartzbauer said the company set goals to double its size the past three years, and they achieved that mark. Their growth rate from 2011 to 2014 was 153 percent, and by the end of this year, he said, they will have tripled in the size of the company.

“We expect to continue on that path with the right people on board and the right talent.”

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