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Posted: 06/04/2019
Location: Minneapolis, MN
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Software Engineer
EXB Solutions, Inc.
Plymouth, MN

Position is for a software engineer, focused on test but with some software requirements and code work as well as certification activities involved. The functional area of the flight control computer being worked on is the maintenance function, which is the function that provides built in test of the flight control computer while on ground and fault consolidation and reporting.

Requirements Development:
L2 requirements are usually textual requirements, while L3 requirements are usually Simulink and Stateflow models. If the requirement is implemented in hand code instead of model-based development, then the L3 is textual.

Code Development:
Most of the code is developed in Simulink or Stateflow. Some hand code using C is involved.

Test Development:
Collins uses a closed loop simulation environment that simulates inputs to the flight control computer and provides the ability to read outputs from the flight control computer. A Python test interface is provided to drive the inputs and read the outputs. The engineer will create test cases, procedures, and scripts to implement the test strategy for an area of functionality and then execute those tests and analyze failures, determining if the failure is due to a requirements, code, or test issue. This testing is primarily done on the target computer. Some testing will be done against DO-178C DAL A and some against DO-178C DAL C or D depending on what area of the maintenance function is being tested.

Certification activities:
We will be helping on certification activities such as data coupling and control coupling, CPU margin analysis, stack depth analysis, worst case execution time analysis, and other metrics that need to be provided to the FAA for certification.

Prefer team members to be in Minneapolis, MN or Phoenix, AZ.

Responsibilities May Include:
• Development of requirements in DOORS
• Development of software using C, Simulink, or Stateflow
• Development of test cases in DOORS
• Development of test procedures and scripts in Python and using customized Collins tools for automating part of the test development
• Debugging of test failures to determine if the failure is a requirements, model/code, or test issue
• Perform formal review of artifacts

EXB Solutions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer

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