Red Hat Linux 5 OS Software Integration and Test


General Dynamics provides the Operating Systems for the FCS / BCTM; Control Communications; Compute and Intelligence, Surveillance
 and Reconnaissance; and Integrated Computer System (ICS) programs for the U.S. Army.

General Dynamics needed to perform Functional Qualification Testing (FQT) on the Type VIII Operating System, the Common Domain Gateway Operating System, and the Red Hat Linux 5 Operating System. General Dynamics had to develop and execute requirements-based testing to complete FQT.


General Dynamics selected EXB to port and test the Red Hat Linux 5 Operating System to a new and untested Intel computing system:

  • EXB ported the Red Hat Enterprise 
Linux workstation to the ICS Future Force software development unit.
  • EXB developed and performed software unit testing for the newly-developed software modules.

The requirements-based tests were developed using automated, demonstration, and analysis verification methods. Tests were written using the C+ programming language in a General Dynamics-developed FCS Automated Test Environment (FATE) framework and achieved the goal of automating as many tests as possible.