Core Values

Our approach to business is guided by these core values. Here is how we apply these values to our everyday work.

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rooting for you to perform and outperform yourself

The EXB staff are a talented, diverse and an inquisitive bunch. And we care about your growth – both personally and professionally, which is why, we challenge you to push beyond your imagination every day. Our spirit is to be innovative, while at heart we encourage you to be “ideapreneurial”.  At EXB, we pride ourselves in constantly learning new things and adding value, to our clients and our employees. We want to see you grow, create new ideas, take bigger risks, build solutions, put them into motion and inspire the next workforce. At the same time, we also want you to ask questions, challenge the status quo and be ready to turn those challenges into opportunities. Because, it’s simple – your growth is our growth!


we care about you

We believe in creating value to your overall ecosystem and not just you. We don’t think short-term, because we know our relationship with our employees and our clients is in for the long-haul. We passionately promote a culture of healthy living and to fuel that, we provide employer-sponsored wellness benefits, healthy food options, “too-good-to-be-true” gym memberships and generous health insurance plans. We have monthly activities designed to engage employees in becoming healthier, happier, motivated and efficient. It is a hallmark of our service, our customer experience and our entire work culture.    

Wellness Group


we invest in our people and our clients

We have worked on innovative partnerships with our clients, deployed high-quality workforces and expanded our business rapidly in the last few years. If there is one thing that has been constant with us in our three-decade journey, it’s our people. We are a people-first company. We have always been. We truly believe people are a company’s greatest asset! And perhaps why, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, encouraging and supportive environment where every team member gets the opportunity to reach their full potential. We offer new experiences to our employees; we train them to be the best and provide ample learning opportunities to help them add value. From developing in house training to supporting client technologies, and to performing work above and beyond contract expectation, we are willing to go that extra mile. Our investment is in you, your career, your health and your overall well-being.